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We are thrilled to welcome a new supporter group from Scotland – Fife Voluntary Action. They are the Third Sector interface within the Fife Council area and involved in supporting, developing and representing community groups, voluntary organisations, social enterprises and volunteering. To learn more visit Thanks for your support of IVMDay

It’s important to let Volunteer Managers know that the spirit of volunteerism is enhanced and enabled by them – and to thank them. Just as important is the opportunity to educate others about this important work, which is why we encourage the catch phrase Education through Celebration when we acknowledge IVMDay each year.

Many thanks to Vanessa and the team at Volunteering Queensland for their help in getting some graphics for us to start the┬ácelebration of IVMDay 2016 …and more to come! See the Posters and Banners page for images that can help you with your IVMDay promotions.