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2020 Theme

“What’s Next!”

This year’s theme will simply be “What’s Next?”. The Covid-19 pandemic has created challenges on many levels, and those of us leading volunteer effort have found ourselves in positions we never imagined. It’s our hope that over the lead up to IVMDay 2020, we will continue to have time to reflect on the lessons, challenges and most importantly opportunities that confront us – and we hope that IVMDay 2020 will offer a focal point for volunteering leaders, the world over, to collaborate and consolidate the way forward.

Please spread these resources far and wide.

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WHAT'S NEXT? What's Next for the COVID-19 Recovery What's Next for Informal Volunteering What's Next for 'Traditional' Volunteer Leadership Practices and the 'Traditional' Volunteering Landscape What's Next for Ensuring Volunteering is Accessible and Equitable for all Communities

2019 Theme

“Change the Tune!”

We believe that this theme reflects the frustration experienced in many volunteer management circles, where we continue to have the same struggles and discussions year after year. This year’s theme is a chance for us to think differently about how volunteer leadership is positioned – in the hope that we can change the dialogue.

We are also proud to announce that 2019 marks the 20th time we have celebrated IVMDay!

Please spread these resources far and wide.

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Change the Tune Theme IVMD2019_sign_1 IVMD2019_sign_2

2018 Theme

“Time for Change”

We hope that this timely theme will allow us to explore the changes needed in our great profession to ensure it remains relevant and powerful into the future.

The team at Volunteering Queensland have provided the following graphics:

TIME FOR CHANGE_clock TIME FOR CHANGE_watch TIME FOR CHANGE_tartis TIME-FOR-CHANGE_timetravel TIME FOR CHANGE_sundial IVMD2018_sign_1 IVMD2018_sign_2

2017 Theme

“Be The Voice!”

The 2017 theme seeks to recognise that Volunteer Managers need to be so much more than just accomplished leaders of people – we need to be change agents and advocates for our volunteers and for volunteering.

We need to make a difference.
We need to agitate.
We need to advocate.

As we look at global trends, politics and priorities, the need for effective volunteer engagement has never been more important – and while it’s important to celebrate our great profession on IVMDay, we also want to encourage all volunteer leaders to find ways to fight for great volunteering environments, advocate for adequate resources and become effective activists for the profession of volunteer leadership.

Sabrina Norbido and the team at Volunteering Queensland have provided the following graphics:

banner-blue banner-green banner-white hashtag2 ivm_2 ivm_3

text-art1 text-art-2-2 IVMD_signs-1 IVMD_signs-2 IVMD_signs-3

2016 Theme

Volunteer Management. One Job. Many Hats.

Aside from being a theme that we hope many people can have some fun with, it also reflects the multi-dimensional skill base that VM’s have to develop to be truly effective in their roles.

Further, it speaks a lot about how volunteer leadership is such a critical part of so many spheres of society.

The team at Volunteering Queensland have provided the following graphics:

queensland2 2016 Campaign - Queensland ivmd_interaction_cheer ivmd_interaction_detective ivmd_interaction_formal ivmd_interaction_academic 

ivmd_interaction_beanie ivmd_interaction_jester ivmd_interaction_minerhat ivmd_interaction_police ivmd_interaction_sailor ivmd_interaction_wizard

ivmd_web_follow_social_media_blue ivmd_web_follow_social_media_green Banner Banner

Here is an oldie but still relevant (Energize inc)


2015 Theme

Volunteer Managers: The power behind Super Hero volunteers

Have a look at the 2015 superhero themed memes from a variety of sources.

ivmd15_addyourthought-jpg ivmd15_downloadresourcespromotion ivmd15_putvolmgrfacehere ivmd15_superwoman IVMDay twitter icon ivmday2015_energize_jpg-for-postcard

A variety of banners from around the world:

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