A small and dedicated team of global volunteers are driving the promotion of IVMDay internationally.

Andy Fryar (Australia) – Chairperson

IVMDay committee chairperson, Andy Fryar

IVMDay committee chairperson, Andy Fryar

Andy is the Chairperson of the IVMDay Committee. Andy works as the National Operations Manager for Better Impact – Australia and NZ. In this capacity he trains, commentates, writes and consults on volunteer management internationally. He is also the Founder of OzVPM – the Australasian region’s largest volunteer management network.

In 1998 Andy convened the working party which evolved into AAMoV, the Australasian region’s first professional Association for VPMs and is a founder of the Australasian Retreat for Advanced Volunteer Management. Andy has served as the IVMDay Chair since 2007 and is a past President of Volunteering Australia. Contact Andy at

Rob Jackson (United Kingdom)

IVMDay committee member Rob Jackson

IVMDay committee member, Rob Jackson

Rob has been active in the UK and international volunteerism scene since 1994. Amongst other things, Rob is the founder of UKVPM’s the UK’s leading volunteer management online community. He has worked with Volunteering England and was instrumental in the creation of AVM, the English Association for Volunteer Program Managers. Rob now runs his own consultancy and training company – Rob Jackson Consulting. Contact Rob at

Stuart Garland (Ireland)

IVMDay committee member, Stuart Garland

IVMDay committee member, Stuart Garland

Stuart is Training and Programmes Manager with Volunteer Ireland. He has worked in a wide range of roles in the voluntary and community sector since 1993 and has a background in youth work.

He is committed to volunteerism, and to fostering a vibrant and active community, where everyone can volunteer without restrictions, regardless of background or capacity, and achieve full participation by their voluntary activity. 

In 2013 Stuart launched the concept of Event Volunteers, a programme that engages volunteers in large-scale public events in Dublin. Stuart is a lead trainer in the use of this research based toolkit which has helped organisations develop a strategy for volunteer engagement in their organisations.

He was a member of the Associate Faculty of the National College of Ireland and was Lead Tutor on the Certificate in Managing Organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector Course. Stuart is recognised as Ireland’s leading specialist in the field of Volunteer Management Training. He has developed and delivered workshops and trainings in Ireland, England, Spain, Romania, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Mexico and Australia and has spoken at a number of conferences and seminars across Europe. Most recently he was part of a group which developed a Postgraduate Certificate in Volunteer Management and Leadership awarded by the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Faiza Venzant (Canada)

IVMDay committee member Faiza Venzant

IVMDay committee member, Faiza Venzant

From a very young age, Faiza Venzant’s parents instilled a strong sense of volunteerism in herself and her two older brothers. They, as immigrants to Canada from Uganda in the early 70s, made a successful transition into Canadian life with the help of many kind and generous volunteers. A volunteer herself from a very young age, Faiza has successfully managed volunteers at the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, Youth Employment Service, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Surrey Place Centre. She is currently General Manager, Volunteer Development at the YMCA of Greater Toronto. Faiza holds her CVA and CVRM certifications in the field of volunteer engagement.

Faiza is also an active member and volunteer of the Toronto Association for Volunteer Administrators and Professional Association of Volunteer Leaders – Ontario (PAVR-O) where she has twice received the President’s Award (2010 and 2012) in recognition of her volunteer contributions and where she also received the Linda Buchanan Award for Volunteer Administration (2013). She is also a member of Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada (VMPC).

In 2018, Faiza published her first children’s book entitled, My Mamma Wants to Eat Me Up! As a mother of two young boys, she has not actually eaten any of her children up.

Vanessa Codling (Australia)

IVMDay committee member Vanessa Codling

IVMDay committee member, Vanessa Codling

Vanessa has worked in the volunteering and community sector for nearly 10 years. During this time she has been involved in promoting volunteering and the outstanding work of volunteer-involving organisations that effectively engage volunteers to achieve their missions and advance their causes.

Vanessa is involved in marketing strategy and tactics for promoting the numerous services and programs that Volunteering Queensland provides. She manages a small team of volunteers to run major events and campaigns, oversee branding and communications, handle media enquiries, and update websites and social media.

Events include the Queensland State Volunteering Conference which brings industry together to share best practices, ideas and solutions to better navigation the complexities of contemporary volunteering, National Volunteer Week and the Queensland Volunteering Awards which recognise the passion and commitment of inspiring volunteers, and National Student Volunteer Week which connects enthusiastic students with opportunities to provide new ideas and ways of working to build capacity within nonprofits.

Fumiko Mega (Japan)

IVMDay committee member Fumiko Mega

IVMDay committee member, Fumiko Mega

Fumiko has over 25 years’ experience as a workshop facilitator in the volunteer management sector. She is also a university professor, teaching in community social work with research interests including community based volunteering and focusing on the methods of mobilizing volunteering for older adults, especially for baby boomers volunteering in rural areas.

Fumiko has delivered numerous presentations and lectures at conferences across Japan and as well as abroad, including IAVE’s International Volunteer Network Meeting and the Japan Volunteer Coordinator’s Conference.

She has been the core member of Japan’s Volunteer Coordinators Association since it was established and is the author of many Japanese books about volunteering and volunteer management. Her translation of Susan J Ellis’ ‘From the Top Down’ into WHY VOLUNTEER? was published in 2001.

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