IVMDay 2023 – Theme Announcement

2023 Theme

The Global IVMDay Organising Committee are proud to announce the theme for IVMDay for 2023.

“Helping Others Help”

In selecting this year’s theme, we are seeking to achieve two things:

Firstly, we want to bring attention back to the very core of what it is we do – we enable others to make a difference!

But equally as important, is the reminder that it is not just paid professionals who make up our wonderful profession, and so in the leadup to IVMDay 2023, we also want to explore and find ways to pay homage to all those who lead volunteers in their own time, at their own expense or as a part of a different broader job.

We look forward to celebrating and exploring these things with you all as we head towards November 5.

Please spread these resources far and wide.

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Helping Others Help

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Helping Others Help

For any enquiries, please contact the IVMDay Committee Chair, Andy Fryar via andyfryar66@gmail.com.